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Hidesign India Pvt. Ltd.  |  2020  |  Pondicherry

Hidesign is a leather goods manufacturer based out of Pondicherry, India. As a brand, they believe in recycling old brass to remake the solid brass buckles used in their store fixtures and on their belts and bags.

A lota is a small, spouted, and rounded vessel that has been used in the Indian subcontinent. People from the neighbouring villages and towns sell their old lotas, brass cooking utensils and other brass objects, to Hidesign's factory for a small sum of money

Dilip Kapur (founder of Hidesign) saw a certain beauty in old brass lotas and did not have the heart to let them get melted down. He instead collected them and showcased them in his office.

The lotas were collected and formed into a lighting art installation at Hidesign's Flagship store in Pondicherry.

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