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The Oceans Guardians

"It was a cold crazy storm. The wind's howls almost sounded like the wolves. BAM! Each bash of the wind against the shutters made everybody's heads turn. The thunder had the farm dogs barking wild. All in a city where nothing ever really happened." We still hear stories from that fateful night. The night that almost took him away from us.


Baba tells me that it was the ocean, that's where it came from, his energy. I heard the fisherman talk about some bright light in the middle of the night when they were pulling the boats in due to the sudden high tide of the storm. Ah drunkards. They must have seen the lighthouse and just got confused.


Oh I forgot to tell you, Baba is my 102 year old grandfather. But I honestly think the man's still 12. It beats me how he climbs the cliffs while I'm still gasping for air sometimes. He wasn't always like this though. In fact he was sick. Papa tells me he was forgetting things, getting tired often, his face has lost its colour. But I myself haven't seen him like that.


But he sure rambles on about some stormy night that "gave" him his childlike energy. Poor old man, age has him saying things that make no sense at least in this universe. We're lucky we didn't lose him that day else I'd never have had my best friend today. He got caught in the storm that night and the sea spat him out the next morning. His skin was completely pale they say when they found him washed up, but his wrinkles seemed to have vanished.


The old man often tells this story from that night with a glass too many of whisky. Keeps blabbering about some baby whale on the beach that he helped save. Imagine that! A frail old man pushing an entire whale into the ocean? Whenever I ask him though, he talks about the "help" the ocean gave him. In our culture, old tales say that when times required it, Lord Vishnu reincarnated as the turtles to churn the oceans. All together, he controlled the currents and saved the day. They say since then, turtles are the symbol of perseverance and how it can help overcome anything.


He probably believes those superstitions. He says a thousand turtles gathered to churn the ocean so violently that evening that they caused the storm, but to not tell anyone for it's a secret. They pulled the tide onto the city sides to pull the whale back in. Baba calls them his friends, and says he doesn't want to betray their trust. He calls his energy a gift for his kindness, and his silence. Keeps telling me to help every creature in need. I dread old age getting into my head like this. Ah well, crazy or not, the old man's my best friend.

Animation short film made as part of a final project for my 'Writing' course guided by Anna Arov at KABK (Royal Academy of Art, The Hague) during my exchange semester in 2018-2019.

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