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Outlandish is a pop-up restaurant created as an immersive experience at the National Institute of Design by the Exhibition and Spatial Design batch of 2016. It aims to introduce the the audience to the 'Alien in the Familiar,' through lavish fine dining. As the experience unfolds itself, they acquaint themselves with the dishes based on abstract concepts on the tabletop.


Promotional content for the pop-up restaurant was shared on social media


The menu contained the name of the dish, a slight hint as to what you may be served, as well as an allergy warning.

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The bills added to the entire experience, with the payment for Lust as Passion, for Marriage as Commitment, for Patience as Time, for Reverie as Creativity, and for Censorship as ****.

Before experiencing 'Marriage', you had to sign a marriage certificate that entered you into a bond with Outlandish. The Outlandish signature was marked with a sticker.


3D render of the space prior to the production.

The Experience.

Documentation by Nainisha Dedhia

Identity by Stuti Sukhani

Live Music by Krishnaraj Soni

'Outlandish' Conceptualised by :

Aditi Lunia

Devansh Khajanchi

Khushboo Mehrotra

Noora Yasmin

Shruti Chakke

Sunaina Desai

Urja Jhaveri

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